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Daily News is an online resource that provides weekly updates about age-appropriate stories that kids are excited to hear and instructional materials aligned to Common Core and state standards. Students can use the content to help them learn about the world around them and prepare for their future careers.

A Daily News article consists of a short story, a summary, and a set of comprehension and critical thinking questions to help students understand the information and its relevance to their lives. The articles can be read by teachers and students at any time, from anywhere, and at multiple reading levels.

The Daily News – New York City

The Daily News was founded in 1919 and was the first successful tabloid newspaper in the United States. It had a large circulation and a reputation for sensational coverage of crime, scandal, and violence. It also featured lurid photographs and cartoons.

During the 1920s, the paper emphasized political wrongdoing and social intrigue. It was an early user of the Associated Press wirephoto service and developed a large staff of photographers.

Today, the Daily News has a wide readership and is widely used as a source of breaking news. The Daily News publishes the most influential political stories of the day, including news about national politics and international events.

It is the third largest newspaper in the United States, with a weekly circulation of 1.65 million. Its editorial policy is a mix of moderate and conservative populism. Its emphasis on news and reporting often contrasts with the views of other major newspapers.

The News Building – Manhattan West

The News Building, designed by John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood, was the Daily News’ headquarters from 1929 to 1995. It is located at 450 West 33rd Street in Manhattan, near Fifth Avenue and Second Avenue. The building is now the world headquarters of the Associated Press and is part of the “Manhattan West” development project.

Stringr – Remote Video Sourcing

The stringr network is an international community of professional videographers who are available to capture original, high quality HD b-roll for your broadcast or online news story. Our video sourcing solution makes it easy for you to get high-quality, remote video in real time, without sending a crew.

In addition to sourcing, Stringr also produces daily, packaged news stories, available for immediate syndication and sharing. These stories can be used for a variety of purposes, from live streaming to news recaps.

News-O-Matic – Browse Through Text Sets Based on Key Topics in ELA, Science and Social Studies

The News-O-Matic platform provides easy access to thousands of text sets with a wide range of reading levels and language options. The platform also features lesson plans, activity ideas, and other learning resources.

Each unit features objectives and essential questions that are correlated to state and national standards. The content in each unit is organized into a clear and intuitive format that makes it easy for teachers to navigate.