Entertaiment and SU2C


Entertaiment is the term for any activity or event designed to amuse, delight or entertain. It can also refer to a form of recreation, or an experience that temporarily removes people from their routines or mundane realities. Entertainment evolves over time and can be adapted to fit any scale: from an individual who chooses their own personal entertainment from an ever-expanding array of pre-recorded products; to a banquet adapted for two; to performances intended for thousands; or even for the entire global population.

The etymology of the word begins with the Medieval Latin intertenere, which derives from the prefix inter, meaning “inside,” and the suffix tenere, or to hold inside. From there, the word evolved into entertainment.

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Hundreds of individuals, foundations, and corporations support a variety of charitable endeavors that address the societal needs of our world. Among them, is the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), an organization that is accelerating the pace of breakthroughs in cancer research with its innovative model.