Business Services

Business services are a broad set of activities that businesses use to help them meet their objectives. These intangible, non-physical services may include technical support or administrative duties, and are often used to outsource tasks that fall outside of a company’s expertise.

These companies may also provide services to other businesses or consumers in order to make a profit. This type of sales method is different from product-oriented sales methods because the primary goal of business service marketing is to convince customers that a company’s services are valuable enough to pay for them.

Pest Control

Companies need to hire pest exterminators to deal with pest infestations and keep their work environments safe. These professionals are skilled in handling a variety of species and can effectively remove them from a property. They may be able to reduce the number of pests in an office by using natural means like mosquitoes, or they can use more conventional chemicals.


Whether it’s a computer, television, or refrigerator, businesses need to have their equipment maintained and updated regularly. This is where maintenance service professionals come in handy, helping to ensure that appliances and other hardware function correctly.

Software and Anti-Virus Services

A computer or mobile device that is hacked or has malware can cause serious problems for a company. These businesses offer software and antivirus services that protect computers from these threats. They can also update applications and software to make them more secure and user-friendly.

Personal Services

Many organizations need to arrange for things that enhance their employees’ health and happiness, such as fitness facilities and relaxation places. These services can include day care, massages, yoga sessions, and other activities that are beneficial for workers’ mental health.


Regardless of the size of a company, businesses need to have an appropriate insurance plan in place. Some of these insurance plans are offered by the company itself, but others are provided by other parties. In general, insurance is necessary to reduce a business’s risk of liability or lawsuit.

Real Estate

Several companies prefer renting workspaces instead of owning them. These companies may need real estate agents to help them find offices or shops that meet their needs. These professionals also negotiate rental agreements with landlords.

Utility Services

Some businesses need to supply water and electricity to their workplaces. These services can be a big cost saver for these companies. They are a good option for small businesses as well as large enterprises that have a lot of people and equipment.


Businesses may also need to design and maintain the landscape around their buildings and offices. These firms can be hired to provide this service, or they may contract with a landscaper on a monthly basis.


Shipping and transporting products from one location to another is important for a wide range of industries. These services can be a big time-saver for many companies, and they may be offered on an as-needed basis to keep operations running smoothly.