Investing In Youth,
Our Greatest Resource.

Since 1983, the Youth Project is a youth development agency providing constructive opportunities for youth in areas of employment and training, community service, and youth leadership, to help youth avoid high risk behaviors which jeopardize their futures.

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Georgianna Wong
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"aha Moment"

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Empowering youth in our community to become productive and responsible adults by providing constructive opportunities to prevent high risk behaviors.

Guiding Principals

1) Youth as resources: Youth are seen as resources, not problems. Young people can help meet pressing human and environmental needs in our community.

2) Youth empowerment: Youth have important contributions and ideas and the capability to implement these ideas with adult support.

3) Self-esteem and life skills: Youth need to develop life skills and self-confidence and be provided the opportunity to use those skills in real life situations.

4) Diversity: All youth served, not just disadvantaged youth. The needs of high risk youth are best met through a formal support system that addresses the needs of all youth.